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Alternative Method of Instruction

AMI Letter to Parents

Sikeston R-6 Alternative Method of Instruction Plan


The unforeseen events of the last few weeks have placed our country in a situation of historic
significance as we address the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has created a lot of questions and few
answers as all of us struggle with this new, temporary reality where we’ve found ourselves.

In an ideal situation, our faculty and staff would have spent months preparing for a move to this
Alternative Method of Instruction, but time did not allow for this level of planning. Instead we’ve had
two weeks to prepare to move learning from the physical locations of our schools to learning in each of
your homes.

In developing the implementation plan, we placed a priority on the fact that each of you have life
situations you are facing while you work to keep your families safe or adjust to the new realities in which
we find ourselves.

You may notice the assignments for each week are limited. The grading when grades will be taken are
very parent and student friendly and we will be attempting to identify the barriers that your child might
have to participating in the activities and assignments and to work with you on overcoming these

We have struggled and currently continue to struggle with the lack of contact with all of our students.
Our first priority has been in providing meals to students who were accustomed to receiving breakfast
and lunch at school each week. Now, we are expanding to re-establish the contact with our students
and their parents and to be a support in continued learning during our time of closure.

However, we do want to stress to all of our parents and students that we are also adjusting to the
unique situations in which we find ourselves. Most of us are working from our homes. We are
collaborating in online meetings. In addition, we are attempting to also keep our families safe. It is truly
a stressful time for all of us.

We ask for patience as we continue to reconnect with each of you and implement the Alternative
Method of Instruction. It continues to be a work in progress, but we are excited to be working
academically with you again.

The following paragraphs explain the plan that we’ve established through April 20 and beyond if
necessary. As adjustments are made to address the pandemic, we will make adjustments as well. If
parents or students have questions, feel free to reach out to teachers, principals or the Board of Education office.


Weekly Assignments

Students will receive one assignment/activity per week for each subject/course in which they
are enrolled. Teachers will collaborate to create this one assignment/activity so that all teachers
in a course or grade are making the same assignment. For example all first graders within a
building will be doing the same assignment or all the English II teachers would make the same
assignment or activity.


Elective Classes/ SCTC Block Classes

Elective classes will also provide one weekly assignment/activity per grade level/course.


Announcement of Assignments/Activities

Grades 7-12

In grades 7-12, teachers will post their assigned assignments/activities on their teacher
webpage. In grades PreK-6, a web page is being constructed that will give parents a quick link to
the activities/assignments for the week. This page will be updated by 11:00 AM on Monday

Phase Two

In phase one of this work, we'll establish connection with those who have access to the internet
and access to a device. We realize there will be students who have barriers to this type of

In phase two, we will be attempting to contact the parents of students with whom we’ve not
been able to make contact. Our goal will be to identify barriers to participation and to make
every effort to remove these barriers.

There will likely be instances where the online delivery of assignments/activities will not be a
possible delivery method for students to access their assignments. In these instances, we will
ask teachers to provide a paper/pencil activity or assignment that might be picked up at school
(curbside delivery) or delivered through our meal distribution method. We are not limited to a
paper/pencil delivery method for the distribution of assignments/activities. It may be that a
phone call may be made with instructions or that we may come up with an unforeseen manner
to distribute these assignments or activities.

Offline Assignments

Teachers may choose to provide offline assignments especially at the lower grade levels. These
assignments may be uploaded to Google Drive for parents or students to download.
In instances where students are not able to download the information, parents may arrange to
pick up the materials at the schools (curbside pickup) or delivered through our meal distribution



From April 6 until April 17, feedback on assignments will be given to students, but no grades will
be taken. Teachers may allow students to redo a previous assignment and adjust the student’s
grade or allow students to complete missing assignments and adjust student’s grades during this
time period. .

If the school closure is extended beyond April 17, teachers will use current grades for students
and their final 4th quarter grade will not be any lower than their current grade for the course.
However teachers will grade current assignments and use these grades in calculation of the 4th
quarter grade if by doing so the student’s grade increases. The end result is that
assignments/activities cannot harm a student’s grade, but could help them improve a student’s
final grade.


Office Hours

Teachers are required to have a two hour office hour window daily for students and/or parents
to contact them if necessary with questions or for assistance with assignments and activities.
This two hour window will be posted on the District Lesson Plan Page.

Teachers will monitor their email during the time and may choose to be online on Facebook or
Twitter. Teachers may also choose to be available at this time through Google Classroom or
ClassDojo. In addition, teachers may call parents who request to have a conversation with a



1. Will elementary teachers make assignments in Science and Social Studies?
Yes, teachers will make assignments or activities in science and social studies. Teachers
may choose to make assignments that address multiple core areas.

2. My child is an AP student, will there be only one assignment per week?
Yes and no. Teachers will only assign one required assignment or activity per week, but
additional optional assignments or activities may be assigned and your students are
encouraged to complete additional assignments which will prepare them for the
upcoming AP assessments.

3. Will Dual Credit classes only have one assignment/activity per week?
No. The assigned activities and assignments will meet the requirements of the
university from which the Dual Credit is offered and may exceed the one assignment per
week limit.

4. Will all elementary teachers of one grade level need to have the same assignments?
For example, do all 2nd grade teachers at Lee Hunter, Wing, and Southeast, need to
make the same assignments?

No, the assignments for each individual grade level in a building need to be the same,
but teachers are not required to make the same assignments across all buildings