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SKHS Bulletin from Wed 4/7/2021 To Tue 4/13/2021

Bulletin: Senior Meeting and Jostens

Publish: 04/07/21 - 04/13/21



Senior meeting Tuesday, April 13th 8:00 in the cafeteria, graduation/end of school year will be discussed.


Jostens will be in the cafeteria Tuesday, April 13th 9:00am through lunches to deliver graduation orders.  



SKHS Bulletin from Mon 4/12/2021 To Fri 4/16/2021


Publish: 04/12/21 - 04/16/21





Mon              9-12 Baseball vs Dexter

                      Golf @ Poplar Bluff Tournament

Tues              9-12 Girls Soccer @ Cape Central

                      9-12 Boys Tennis @ Festus

                      9-12 Boys and Girls Track Kennett Invitational Varsity @ Kennett

Wed              9-12 Baseball @ Kennett

                       9-12 Boys Tennis @ Notre Dame

Thur               9-12 Baseball vs Jackson

Fri                   9th Baseball @ Notre Dame



  1. Head Coaches,


  • Since we are not having the All Sports Banquet this year, I would like to do something a little different to recognize our senior student athletes. As the year begins to draw to a close, I plan to feature seniors through our Sikeston Athletics Twitter page every couple of days. 


  • Please share this link with your senior athletes. There is a form for them to complete. I plan to include fall, winter and spring sports athletes in this recognition. Thank you for your help in sharing this with our students. It is greatly appreciated.



2.      2021 PROM

Students may not attend an extracurricular activity on the day of an absence, or if absent on the last day preceding the event without permission of the principal.

Senior students attending the May 8th Prom may sign up dates for the dance starting Monday, April 12th through Friday, April 30th. When signing up your date you will need to go to A office and add your dates information on the Prom Sign Up Sheet. Your date MUST be a current Sikeston High School student who attends in person classes. Prior to Prom you will also have to obtain your free tickets for you and your date. You will receive additional instructions on how to do this. 

The dance will begin at 8:00pm and end promptly at 10:30pm. Students may not be readmitted to the dance after leaving the assigned area. NO one will be admitted to the dance after 8:45pm.

***Students who receive an after school detention, in school suspension or out of school suspension from Mon April 26th through Fri. May 7th WILL NOT be allowed to attend the 2021 Prom.  Additionally, those students that have been assigned an after school detention, in school suspension or out of school suspension which runs into the two week period will not be allowed to attend the dance!

3.      FBLA will meet on Thursday, April 15, 3:00 p.m. in the Library.


SKHS Bulletin from Thu 4/8/2021 To Fri 4/16/2021


Publish: 04/08/21 - 04/16/21


There are job opportunities at Rhodes and Zaxby's.  If you are interested please contact Mr. Scheeter.


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Welcome to Senior High




Senior High Staff


Staff Photo

Regular Bell Schedule


1st Hour – 7:45-8:39

2nd Hour – 8:43-9:32

3rd Hour – 9:36-10:25

4th / 5th Hour:

1st Lunch:

10:25-10:49 – Lunch

10:53-11:18 – Advisor

11:22-12:11 – 5th hr. Class

2nd Lunch

10:29-10:54 – Advisor

10:54-11:18 – Lunch

11:22-12:11 – 5th hr. Class

3rd Lunch

10:29-11:18 – 5th hr. Class

11:18-11:42 – Lunch

11:46-12:11 – Advisor

4th Lunch

10:29-11:18 – 5th hr. Class

11:22-11:47 – Advisor

11:47-12:11 – Lunch

6th Hour – 12:15-1:04

7th Hour – 1:08-1:57

8th Hour – 2:01-2:50

Wednesday Bell Schedule


1st Hour - 7:45-8:23

2nd Hour – 8:27-9:05

3rd Hour – 9:09-9:47

6th Hour – 9:51- 10:29

4th Hour – 5th Hour

1st Lunch

10:29-10:49 – Lunch

10:53-11:13 – Homeroom

11:17-11:56 – 5th hr Class

2nd Lunch

10:33-10:53 – Homeroom

10:53-11:13 – Lunch

11:17-11:56 – 5th hr Class

3rd Lunch

10:33-11:12 – 5th hr Class

11:12-11:32 – Lunch

11:36-11:56 – Homeroom

4th Lunch

11:36-11:56 – Lunch

10:33-11:12 – 5th hr Class

11:16-11:36 – Homeroom

7th Hour – 12:00-12:38

8th Hour – 12:42-1:20