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Policies & Procedures


  1. Detention period is from 2:55-3:20 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  2. You MUST arrange transportation to get home! It is YOUR responsibility!
  3. If I have to cancel a Detention period, I will notify you in advance via Google Classroom.
  4. Detentions are issued for repeated classroom violations and for excessive tardiness.
  5. You MUST bring something to work on.
  6. Missing a Detention will result in 2 make-up Detentions.
  7. Failure to attend your make-up Detentions will result in an Office Referral.
  8. Multiple detentions for the same reason will result in an Office Referral.

Classroom Policies

  1. Be respectful in your tone and in how you address both the teacher and each other.
  2. No food or open-container drinks in the classroom.
  3. Cell Phones are NOT allowed out in class, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. iPads are used for academic purposes first and foremost. You may only listen to music, watch videos, play games, etc., if all other work is completed.
  5. Remove your earbuds/headphones before entering my classroom.
  6. No Snapchat, TikTok, etc. You may not take pictures or videos of anyone in the classroom. If I want you to take a picture or record something, I will let you know. 1st Violation of this policy will be a Detention, the 2nd will be an Office Referral.

Test & Homework Policies

  1. Students who are absent should check Google Classroom regarding what they missed in class that day. The policy regarding classwork and tests missed due to student absences is dicussed in the Student Handbook.
  2. Any work turned in late will receive a 10% grade reduction penalty.
  3. Any work not turned in within 2 weeks of the due date or by the end of the unit (whichever is later) will be recorded as a zero in the gradebook.
  4. Any student can complete test corrections for ½ credit. Students must see me about this opportunity.
  5. Study Guides that have been both fully-completed and signed by a parent/guardian can be turned in on the day of the test for +10 bonus points. This is the only bonus point opporunity I offer in my class!