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Daily Schedule

1st Hour CP American History (7:50-8:39)

2nd Hour Planning Period (8:43-9:32)

3rd Hour 1st Semester CP Civil War/ 2nd Semester CP Geography(9:36-10:25)

4th Hour Homeroom(10:29-10:54)

Second Lunch Shift (10:54-11:18)

5th Hour CP American History (11:22-12:11)

6th Hour U.S. Government and Economics (12:15-1:04)

7th Hour 1st Semster CP Civil War/2nd Semester CP Geography  (1:08-1:57)

8th Hour CP American History (2:01-2:50)

Richard Justice

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BH 106
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8:43a.m. to 9:32 a.m.