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Summer Success

Summer Success

Make the most of your summer by trying one of these activities. 




  • Volunteer- There are so many benefits that come from helping your community. Not only do you get a feeling of accomplishment, you can also earn recognition for your work at your graduation. Community service hours and volunteerism also look great on applications for college admission, scholarships, or employment. ‚Äč


  • Practice a new skill- Learn a new language, practice an instrument, improve your test taking, note taking, or organization skills. It is very rare that you will have summers off after high school graduation, unless you go into the field of education. So use the free time that you have now and focus on self-improvement. Take time to learn skills useful during adulthood, like cooking, gardening, sewing, repairing household items, basic construction/plumbing, budgeting, etc. 


  • Take a summer class- Take a college class over the summer to earn credit hours before high school graduation. Stick to basic core curriculum areas like English, Speech, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, or Humanities. Avoid Math or Science until you are sure the class is accepted by the college you plan on transferring to after graduation. See links below for our local college options, or attend a different college or university online. Some colleges will allow you to lock in your tuition rate when you take your first class. Contact your college of choice for more specific information. 


  • Do an internship or job shadow-  While we don’t have an official program through Sikeston high school for internships or job shadowing, you can still contact professionals in your field of interest to inquire about internship or job shadowing opportunities. Ask if you can work with them to learn more about the job, and gain work related skills. Even if you are doing basic tasks like customer service, filing, paperwork, etc. you will still gain experience and make important connections. 


  • Participate in a summer program- Colleges, community organizations, and other groups often offer summer programs to high school students that focus on a variety of different topics. Some programs are academic focused, some are career focused, and others are leadership or college preview programs. Regardless, they are all opportunities to learn something new or prepare for your future. 


  • Get a Job- The summer is a great time to work and make money for personal expenses, fun, or college. Work experience also looks great on applications and resumes. A Work Permit will be required for students under the age of 16 BEFORE they are able to start work. The Permit applications need to be turned in to your Counselor to be reviewed and processed. Below you will find a digital copy of the Work Permit Application. If you have any questions, please contact your Counselor. 

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