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12:15 - 1:04

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About Me

Educational History:

Kelly High School

Southest Missouri State University

William Woods University

Degrees and Certifications:

Exceptional Child (Behavior Disorders/Learning Disabilities)  Bachelor’s Degree

Science Certification (Physical Science)

Secondary Administration, Master’s Degree



Current Position:

2022-2023 marks the beginning of my 23rd year in education.  This is my 8th year at SPS and I am still finding myself  often speechless at the amazing things implimented and incorporated into daily norms in this district!   NOT ALL DISTRICTS ARE LIKE THIS ONE!  I feel truly blessed and consider myself lucky to be a part of this community of teachers and the BULLDOG NATION!

I will be teaching Physical Science again this year!  I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and fun for our freshmen!  

Previous Position:

Delta High School – I taught SPED grades 7-12 in a tiny 1A school district in Cape Girardeau County for 15 years.  It was a great learning experience for me.  In a district this size, teachig SPED to six different grade levels meant I taught every subject those students needed, so it was very demanding and not uncommon to have 11, 14, or 16 different preps in one day.  It was challenging, yet very rewarding.  The climate, the dynamics, and the overall environment were completely different than SPS; however, I worked with some really fantastic people and I’m grateful I gained so much experience while there.

Kelly Middle School – I taught SPED to upper elementary and middle school students at Kelly. I taught primarily English and Math there.  The experience at Kelly was fantastic because I had an excellent mentor plus Kelly is my Alma Mater, so I may have been a bit bias.  The atmosphere at Kelly was awesome with so many staff and friendly faces willing to help out daily.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kelly, but where I lived at the time and having littles and daycare and a much closer job offer took me away from my old stomping grounds.  

Family Information:

I have two daughters and two sons.  My oldest daughter, Ashlyn is married.  My youngest daughter, Abbi works at St. Francis Medical Center.  My oldest son, Andrew is still in college in Arkansas and plays baseball there.  My youngest son, Alec is engaged to be married in the spring of next year.  I’m still processing all MY KIDS ARE GROWN!  In addition to my four children, I also have a twin sister.  We spend as much time together as possible.  During the summer, we are inseparable.  I also have an older brother who lives in New Hamburg.  I am at the point in my life that I don’t want to live with any regrets or “I wish I would haves”, so I try to live my life to the fullest each day and spend as much time with the people I love dearly, my family! 

Personal Information:

My most favorite place on the planet is the BEACH!  I love everything about it...the salt, the air, the sound, the waves, etc...It always makes me feel better, makes my soul feel better, it rejuvinates me, makes me happy, and fills my spirit!  I also enjoy walking (a lot of walking) I like to work out, lift weights, and try my best to stay healthy.  I’d like to add years to my mortality if I can.  I’ve found enjoyment with cooking lately.  It’s fun to find new ways to cook healthy with fresh foods and get creative with common foods.  I love music --- all kinds of music!  There are not many genres I don’t like. I love going to concerts!  I love spending time with my family.  Finally, I love teaching!  Watching young minds grow, discover, make inquiries,  and make connections is so rewarding!  

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Laura Brown

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Laura Brown


I’ve asked your child to get a 3-ring binder for Physical Science class.  Please let me know if you cannot get one.

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12:15 - 1:04