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AMI Lessons

English 1 AMI Lessons:

  1. Write a letter to the editor of your school newspaper in favor of creating a club at your school. You must decide what the new club will be and provide reasons for its creation. Stick to your topic, and remember that you are writing for your fellow students.

  2. Write an essay in which you tell the story of your favorite birthday. Include plenty of details.

  3. Write an essay in which you tell the story of a holiday celebration that was unusually memorable.

  4. If you had to pick one song or musical group that you thought every person on earth would benefit from hearing, what would it be? Give several reasons why you think everyone should hear this music.

  5. Choose a character from a novel or story you've read recently and describe in several paragraphs how the author manages to bring this character to life. Be sure to pay attention to and to describe the character's background, manners, personality, etc. as revealed directly by him/her or by his/her interactions with other characters.


English 2 AMI Lessons: