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Jill Grojean

Class Syllabi 

Mrs. Jill Grojean    

Sikeston Senior High


planning time: 12:15-1:04


Classroom Expectations


Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Prepared

Be Honest


Materials Needed





iPad (charged)



If you are assigned a detention from me, it will be served before school the next morning, unless other arrangements are made in advance.





Classroom Procedures


  • Please enter and leave the classroom quietly and calmly.
  • Please be on time. If you need to use the restroom before class, ask Mrs. Kirkpatrick or Mrs. Grojean before class starts. You will not go to the restroom during class. 
  • Please have all materials ready and be in your seat when the bell rings.
  • Your iPad must be put away when the bell rings.
  • Rudeness will not be tolerated!
  • NO food or drink in the classroom. This is a school policy.
  • Keep your cell phone put away and turned off.  You will not be allowed to use your cell phone for any reason during class. This includes music. 
  • Bring your iPad to school every day, already charged.  
  • Please raise your hand to speak or to leave your seat.
  • You are not allowed to use your headphones during class, unless you are given permission.  
  • Please put supplies away neatly.
  • Please let Mrs. Grojean or Mrs. Kirkpatrick know of any issues as soon as possible.
  • Have FUN!



Jill Grojean

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School Phone:
(573) 472-8850
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