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Chelsie Boxdorfer


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About Me

Educational History:

High School:

  • St. Vincent of Perryville, MO.
  • Graduated: May 2011

Undergraduate Studies:

  • Southeast Missouri State University – Bachelor of Science in HS Ed. and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.
  • Graduated: December 2015.

Graduate Studies:

  • William Woods University – Masters in Education (MEd) in Administration.
  • Graduated: December 2017

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in HS Ed.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.
  • Masters in Education in Administration

Professional Development:

  • Maintaining 90%+ Target Language BER conference
  • TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) 2-day workshop
  • Unconventional Classroom conference


Experienced Traveler:

  • Study Abroad – Ecuador x 2 (1st time = 1 month, 2nd time = 5 months)
  • EF Tours Trip – Spain (2 weeks)
  • EF Tours Trip – France and England (2 weeks)
  • Study Abroad – Chile (6 weeks)
  • Explorica Trip –  Peru (June 2018)



Current Position:

This is the beginning of my 3rd year at Sikeston High School. This year I am currently teaching Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 &4.

I am also the assistant volleyball coach for the High School and the head coach for Junior High. 

Personal Information:

I love to travel. In my free time I am working on planning future personal trips and one to take students on if they are interested! This June we are going to Peru! I also love yoga, watching movies/tv series/Netflix, DIY projects, volleyball, spending time with friends, and playing with my dog, Chloe.

Chelsie Boxdorfer

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