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The Ransom of Red Chief

The Ransom of Red Chief will be our second story of the year. We will be focusing on the literary techniques of irony, conflict and resolution, and allusion

 Irony: the contrast between what is and what should be.

     Dramatic Irony: the audience knows or understands something that the character or            characters do not.

     Situational Irony: the result of an action is the reverse of what is expected. The            reader is just as surprised as the characters.

     Verbal Irony: the contrast is between the literal meaning of what is said and what is         meant. (Sarcasm)

. Conflict: the struggle between two opposing forces that lies at the center of a plot in a story or a drama

     External Conflict: a conflict that exists when a character struggles against some              outside force

          man vs. man

          man vs. nature

          man vs. society

     Internal Conflict: a conflict that exists within a character torn between opposing            feelings or goals

          man vs. self

Resolution: the end of the story​ ​ 

Allusion: making a reference to literature, art, history, or pop culture


  • Informal
    • Comprehension checks during group reading
    • Study guide for unit (Participatory points-traded, graded, and discussed)
    • Vocabulary frayer model (Participatory points-traded, graded, and discussed)
  • Formal Assessment
    • Unit test with written essay (Worth 100 points)


Below you find the essential hand outs for the class. Feel Free to print and use as needed.


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