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PLTW and Discrete AMI Lessons

Alternative Methods of Instruction or AMI lessons will be posted bellow. Additional materials and resources will be provided under each classes Google Classroom Classwork Tab.

PLTW Computer Science

Students will complete Techonology Ethics and Discovery modules throught the Project Lead the Way site. Addational information for sompleating the assignment and submitting your finished work can be found on Google Classroom.

Day 1: Ethics Quests Smartphone Data

Day 2: Ethics Quests Autonomous Vehicles

Day 3: Ethics Quests COVID-19 Pandemic

Day 4: Discovery Quest Persistence

Day 5: Discovery Quest Online Safety


Discrete Mathematics

All students should go to the following website to complete their assignments. Please send your answers to me on Google Classroom.

Day 1: Complete Set 1

Day 2: Complete Set 2

Day 3: Complete Set 3

Day 4: Complete Set 4

Day 5: Complete Set 5


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