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Classroom Rules and Procedures


  • TARDY: If you are not in your assigned seat when the tardy bell finishes ringing, you are counted tardy.


    • FIRE: Exit west doors and assemble between C and G buildings.

    • TORNADO: Go to A+ Lab (C Building computer lab) and assume tornado position until all clear is given.

    • EARTHQUAKE: Get under desk until all clear given. Assemble between C and G buildings.

  • Cell phones: Not allowed in class. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any cell phone out during class will be confiscated and turned into A Office.

  • iPads: Used for academic purposes only. The teacher reserves the right to inspect your iPad in class or send it to the office as outlined in the student handbook.

  • Work will be completed in black pen or pencil. I will not grade work turned in using any other color.

  • Earbuds/headphones are to be worn only when given permission.

  • No food or drink allowed in the classroom. 

  • Any backpacks, purses, or athletic bags that will not remain attached to your body will be placed at the front of the classroom AFTER removing all materials that will be needed for class that day.

  • Social distancing is not possible in my classroom. Masks will be worn at all times.



  • Be in your assigned seat BEFORE the tardy bell stops ringing and remain in your seat until dismissed by the teacher.

  • Be ready to begin class when the bell rings. Once class has started, do not ask to leave for personal errands, talk to another teacher, or to use the restroom.

  • Keep aisles clear, straighten your chair, and clean up any mess before leaving class.

  • Take care of materials furnished by the school.

  • Take responsibility for your grade. Do not come to the teacher on the final day of the quarter/semester asking how you can bring your grade up.