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Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Henry’s

Classroom Expectations


1. Be Respectful

  • No talking while the teacher is talking.
  • Leave other students materials alone.
  • No disrupting class.


2. Be Responsible

  • Bring all materials to class.
  • Have homework completed.
  • Make up work is your responsibility.


3. All other rules in the student handbook will be followed

  • No electronic devices.
  • No food or drink. Water bottle is allowed.



Violations of these rules will result in: verbal warning, detention and parent contact, or office referral. Detentions are to be served the next school day.


Grading Scales


Algebra III/CP Geometry                                      Honors Geometry

        Tests: 60%                                                            Tests: 65%

      Quizzes: 25%                                                       Quizzes: 25%

      Homework: 15%                                                                  Homework: 10%