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My name is Kollin Groves. This is my first year at Sikeston School District. This is my fifth year in education. I am the Health Instructor and will be coaching football, basketball, and track & field. This will also be my fifth year coaching all of those sports. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me at 


Below is the syllabus:


Health Syllabus


Health: Is a required class for all high school students in order to graduate. The course is designed to educate students about living a healthy and positive lifestyle. The course will educate students on fitness, nutrition, health disorders/diseases, reproductive process, body systems, anatomy, psychology, physiology, kinesiology, sociology, and First Aid/CPR. Students will learn how to reduce stress, improve their diet, and how to identify and handle crisis situations. Students are encouraged to explore further into the human body, sports/activities, science, and anything else in which they are interested.


Materials: Pen/pencil, notebook, binder or folder.


Classroom Expectations: Be on time, participate, be respectful to all staff and fellow students, have a positive attitude, use appropriate language, take care of classroom. DO NOT LEAVE CLASS WITHOUT PERMISSION!!


Grading: 10 points per week (Full 5 day week)

  • 5 points attendance

  • 5 points for participation, good behavior/attitude


  • Projects

    • 25-100 Points

  • Quiz

    • Vary from a 10 - 20 points

  • Unit Test

    • 50-100 Points

  • Each unit is approximately 2 weeks long.

  • Students scores will be reported bi-monthly.

  • Earn points by following the grading criteria above

  • Final Exam- End of the semester all students are required to take a final exam. The final will cover information from the entire semester. The final is worth 10% of students’ final grade.


Makeup Work Policy: Anytime a student is absent from class refer to the class website:


There you will see what the agenda was for that day and may have a link of the information that we covered in class. If an assignment is due the day that is missed, the student is expected to turn in the work as soon as the student returns to class. Students should reach out to me about what information that was missed. I am expecting students to be accountable for their grade. I am expecting students to communicate with teachers and classmates to find out the information that they missed. I am not expecting to relay information to parents as my first form of contact. If a parent reaches out, I will inform that that the student needs to talk to me first. I will then proceed to give the student the information followed by the parent. I use this metaphor to back my philosophy. If a student misses work or has a problem at the job, should a parent go and talk to the boss for the employee or should the employee take care of it on their own?


Make-up work will be available for attendance and participation points. Make-up work  consists of over 50+ assignments for students to choose from. A guideline will be provided upon request.


Medical Conditions: Any medical condition, injury, or other health concern needs to be reported to your instructor.


Parents please refer to attached parent letter document. Thank you! Let’s have a wonderful school year.


My teaching/coaching philosophy is based on five main pillars which include: communication, respect, discipline, accountability, and effort. In order to be successful as student and class we must establish each pillar individually and as a whole. Learning these skills will benefit your academics, career, and relationships. Below is an overview of what I expect you to gain out of each pillar.


  1. Communication

This is a vital component in order to be successful. Without communication we are unable to decipher messages which leads to misunderstanding. If you are struggling with an assignment/task/play you need to speak with your teacher/boss/coach and ask for help. Explain why you are confused or ask for guidance and you will receive it. If you are unable to be in class or work please inform the person in charge and see what you missed. People are not mind readers, in order to understand, communication is key!


  1. Respect

Things that you must respect: your classmates, teachers, school, authority, the game, yourself, and last but certainly not least...your guardians. Your guardians do as much as possible for you to succeed. Thank them everyday and show them how much it means to you. Respect is very simple if you follow the golden rule of treating others how you would like to be treated. That means we must take care of our equipment and our school. Respect games by giving 100% effort and following the rules.


  1. Discipline

“Discipline is doing what you are supposed to do in the best possible manner at the time you are supposed to do it,”  Coach K. Notice how the quote says YOU, not your friends, not your guardians, or anyone else for that matter. The responsibility lies in your hands! Each day in class you take care of business and put in the work necessary to complete the project. Discipline and Time Management are two skills that will emphasized this year. Be efficient with your time.


  1. Accountability

Take pride in everything you do. Own up to your actions. Your boss is depending on you to show up each day for work. Your family/friends expects that in any situation they can come to you for help. This is a big responsibility that many people take for granted. Be the person that everyone can rely on!


  1. Effort

In work, participation in an activity, relationships, or school work you will be successful if you put in effort. Put in the necessary work needed to complete the task and be disciplined when you do it.

10 Things That Require Zero Talent


  1. Being On Time

  2. Work Ethic

  3. Effort

  4. Body Language

  5. Energy

  6. Attitude

  7. Passion

  8. Being Coachable

  9. Doing Extra

  10. Being Prepared


These are all actions that you can control. Take advantage of this list and success will  follow.