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Sikeston Junior High

8:10-9:05 1st period choir

9:10- 10:05 2nd period choir

10:;0-11:05 ISS

11:10-12:05 ISS

12:05-12:20 travel and lunch

Sikeston Senior high 

12:20-1:08 prep time/conference time

1:08-1:57 Campus Choir

2:01-2:50 Concert Chorale

Teresa Jett

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All-District Choir Aiuditions

MMEA and MCDA All-District Choir Auditions Take Place on September 22, 2018

The audition numbers were for both the 9/10 choir and the 11/12 choir were sent out to area choir directors this morning. We have 21 students at SHS auditioning ofr the two choirs this year! 

We will be departing form SHS at 6:45 AM on the monring of September 22nd so that we can be at Cape Central High School when registration opens at 7:30 A<M. OUr last student to audition will likely be singing around 1:00 PM. I can not be sure of the exact time that we will be finished. It depends on how quickly and smoothly the auditions in each room go. Our last student will be the 66th stuent auditionioning for her voice part. i tentatively extimate that we will be returning to SHS around 2:00 PM, but it could be a little earlier or later than that. I will have the students keep in touch with you, and I will have my cell phone with me as well. 

Students may dress casually for this audition. Concert attire is not necessary. They will be participating in a blind audition in which they will only be a number to the judge. The judge will see them, but not hear them. the judges will not know what each student’s name is or what school he/she is from. 

Please have your student eat a good breakcast before we leave on SAturday the 22nd. It is just as important for singers as it is for athletes to make sure they have plenty of energy for the task they have to do. Students will also need to either bring a lunch with them, or some money to purchase the pizza or other items available in the Cape Central cafeteria for lunch. We will not be able to leave the campus to get lunch because of the staggered times of the auditions for eafch choir and each voice part. 

I am very escited to have som many studentss auiditionioning for the two all-district groups this year. I believe our school will be well represented. Feel free to contact me if you have any questionso or concrns. Thank you for supporting your child in this endeavor.


Tero Kett

7-12 Choir Director

Sikeston R-6 Schools

School Phone: 573-472-8850

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