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E6-8 Course Description

Welcome to EAGLE!! I am excited to have your student return and look forward to a challenging, exhilarating year. Students grades 6-8 have EAGLE as their Reading or LIterature class, and we will read novels in lieu of the standard assignments from regular classes. In addition to novels, we will of course partake in more traditional EAGLE fare. To further the strides your student has made, we will continue to participate in Math Olympiad and will work with literature and unit specific vocabulary.

Please contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns now and throughout the year. We will focus this year on working hard to meet challenges, organization, and understanding yourself as a learner.

Thank you,       

Anne Crader


6th: Novels are primarily historical fiction (Crispin, Fever 1793) and fantasy (A Wrinkle in Time, City of Ember). While most students are familiar with dystopic stories, I will introduce the specifics of the genre. 

Units/mini-units may include the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, rocket building and launching, timed mental exercises, creative problem solving projects.


7th:  Novels are a blend of historical (e.g. House of Dies Drear) and realistic fiction (Drums, Girl and Dangerous Pie). We read some from the lit textbook, and we may or may not overlap with CP lit classes.

Units include learning styles, mousetrap cars, roller coasters, poetry and dramatic readings/interpretations


8th: Novels will include classic authors (Shakespeare, Steinbeck) and realistic fiction (Tangerine). We deal with themes of differences, coming of age, and fairness/unfairness in the world. The 8th grade class will also read more from the lit text, including the dramatic version of “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “Flowers for Algernon.” 

Units include giftedness/IQ and EQ, poetry and dramatic readings/interpretations, roller coasters, college prep vocabulary, and goal setting.


If you have any suggestions for topics of study or would like to share an experience (i.e. a trip, fascinating information you come across) with our students, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We welcome involvement from our parents and community members, and we LOVE guest speakers!

 Note: All units will be tweaked and adjusted by students (as class and/or as individuals) to meet their needs and interests. All novels are provided by Mrs. Crader

Lesson Plans

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