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Weight Room Policy

Sikeston Bulldog Weight Training



GRADING SYSTEM:  There will be 500 points for the quarter and 1000 points for the semester.


1.  Dressing out and participation will count for 40% or 200 points.  Students will not be allowed to participate without dressing out.  Dressing out consists of a t-shirt, shorts, and gym shoes being worn by students.  The T-shirt and shorts shall be some combination of red, black, white, or gray in color.  Failure to participate for any reason other than a medical reason will result in a 10 point reduction in your grade for the first non participation day.  Additional failures to participate will result in a double loss of points.


          EXAMPLE:   1st non-participation day …… -10 points

                             2nd non-participation day …..  -20 points

                             3rd non-participation day …… -40 points

                             4th non-participation day …… -80 points

                             5th non-participation day …… Student will receive an F


2.  Sportsmanship and social skills will count towards 20% or 100 points


3.  Skills tests and physical fitness tests will count for 40% or 200 points.  Each student will be tested in 5 areas.  Each area tested will be worth 40 points or 8% of your total grade.  Each student will be expected to complete each area tested with improvement shown in each test period.  A sliding scale will be used for those students who do not show improvement during each testing period.  Exceptions will be made for those students who are injured and have a medical excuse from the doctor. 


GRADING                MID TERM         %      QUARTER                       SEMESTER

SCALE:                            240              96      500-480 = A                    1000-960 = A

                                      225              90      479-450 = A-                            959-900 = A-

                                      217              87      449-435 = B+                  899-870 = B+

                                      207              83      434-415 = B                    869-830 = B

                                      200              80      414-400 = B-                             829-800 = B-

                                      192              77      399-385 = C+                  799-770 = C+

                                      182              73      384-365 = C                    769-730 = C

                                      175              70      364-350 = C-                            729-700 = C-

                                      167              67      349-335 = D+                  699-670 = D+

                                      157              63      334-315 = D                    669-630 = D

                                      150              60      314-300 = D-                   629-600 = D-

                                      149                              299 = F                           599 = F


Because of safety concerns for the students involved, each student will be expected to have any type of long hair pulled up and out of the face area and off of the shoulders.  Shirt tails will be tucked in at all times.  No jewelry of any kind will be allowed to be worn by the students during class time.  No horseplay of any nature will be tolerated!!

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