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Art1 (College Prep)

The Art1 course curriculum along with 1 extra independent project including research each month.  The student will have the option to do the 

                  Project + Research= 1 project + 1paper

or visit a local Art Exhibit+Research= 2 written papers

 or interview an Artist+Research= 2 written papers

Exhibits run monthly at the SIkeston Depot, SEMO River Campus, Mo Arts Council, there are multiple places downtown Cape Girardeau. I will give you a list.

Art 1 is the basic art-studio orientation course utilizing the elements and principles of design and artistic awareness. Students become acquainted with varied media and are encouraged to experience, invent, and transfer learning from one medium to another. The specific program content includes drawing, extensive color study, perspective, structure and composition, art vocabulary, art history, design, painting, and crafts.  Art 1 is designed to serve as either an introduction to future exploration or as an appreciation course to broaden a well-rounded education. There are two sections to this course The first semester Art1a is mostly 2d and the second semester Art1b is mostly 3d work.