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Welcome to my web page! I am so glad that you have taken the time visit my web page. I am looking forward to this school year and working with your son or daughter. This is my second year at Sikeston and I am teaching World History and Government. You may find weekly homework and assignments under the Assignments/Homework page.  Also, if you need to contact me you can find my contact information on my profile page. Below I have left a synopsis of each of my classes. 

CP World History 

This is a basic survey course in World History. The study begins with the ancient civilizations and their contributions to society and continues through modern times and the transformation into a global society. The students will learn about the ancient civilizations, classic civilizations, early empires, ways of thinking, revolutions, major conflicts of the 20th century, and modern global interactions. 


CP Government

This course is a survey of the principles of the American government. The students will study the development and principles of our government, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the structure and function of federal, state, and local government. The students will also learn the electoral process and the importance of political participation, law and the legal system, and the basic economic principles of our nation. Students who successfully complete this course are required to take an End of Course (EOC) exam as specified by the State of Missouri.




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